Our Recycling Policy

Environmental Commitment

We take our environmental responsibility seriously, following procedures to minimise our environmental footprint globally and locally.
Schemes and Accreditations

Pblprint has a full chain of custody procedures so we can ensure all paper used in our factory is sourced responsibly from well managed sources. Having undertaken an environmental management scheme we have established procedures that conform to the ISO14001 standard.


With both litho and digital printing presses on site, we use the most energy and paper efficient processes for our clients work. Digital print means it is possible for us to reduce waste for small quantities and our digital machine use organically grown toners. We use vegetable based inks on our litho presses, now widely used in the print industry and are recognised as being the most environmentally sound choice for printers of all sizes.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We only use paper from managed sources as well as offering recycled paper, combined with our low chemistry plate making, environmentally friendly HD toner, vegetable oil based inks, recycled packaging boxes and box fill we aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Waste Recycling and Reduction

We have a firm grip on waste management and the recycling of paper waste, overs and offcuts. We work with environmental partners who safely remove and dispose of chemical waste including inks & toners as well as metal plates and fluorescent tubes.

Our machine wipes are re-used instead of using disposable cloths in the press room. Furthermore, in our office we have adopted sound procedures to minimise and recycle office waste, including used envelopes, newspapers, plastic bottles and used postage stamps for charity.


Environmental checklist

We Recycle

Chemicals, toners and waste inks
Printer parts, used plates and fluorescent tubes
Waste paper
Old stamps are donated to charity
Office waste, plastic, glass, cans

We Conserve

Reuasable machine washed wipes instead of disposable
Environmentally friendly products
HD Toner
Vegetable based inks
Recycled packaging boxes
Full Chain of Custody reporting